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Promo Video for the book, Jugornot Journals


Burning Stick Foundation presents the Stokes Charity Event


Excerpt for a promo I did for a web product called Conductor


This is a promo I put together for a web product called Leapfish.

Whether it's for a cause or a product, nothing informs the viewer and promotes the message like video.
In the promotional videos you see here to the right, I used various tools to get the job done.For the Jugornot Journals promo, I shot the interview with a Canon t3i using a Tamron 28mm-75mm lens with a fixed 2.8 f-stop.I used a key light and a fill light.

For the Burning Stick promo, I shot the interviews with a Sony EX3 and a Sennheiser wireless unit (using a cardioid mic in particular so to cut down on crowd noise). I also used an LED light mounted on the camera to provide quick mobility.
A similar set up was used with the Leapfish promo. With the Leapfish promo, I composited animated b-roll into the shot to illustrate the interviewee's points.
The Conductor promo on the other hand was entirely a voice over, so all the graphic animations you see was created (from scratch) by yours truly.


Promo videos












































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