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Music Video for the song "DiY"


Music video for the song "O.C.D."


The Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations" (Tongal winner #5)


Music video for the song "Happy and You Know It"


Popularized by Mtv in the 80's (when the 'M' stood for 'music'), music videos are still alive and well today, thanks in a large part to the internet. Many famous directors have gotten their start making music videos (David Fincher, Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, just to name a few). The music video format provides the director an audible foundation within the constraints of the song's tone and meaning while also allowing creative freedom not found in other video formats.
The music videos I've made over the years definitely span tone and meaning, but with each I've sought a professional aesthetic. In “DiY” for example, I used a Sony EX3 on a Manfrotto 701HDV head with a 755XB tripod. This set up allowed me to get fluid pans and tight shots with a nice shallow depth of field. I also composited the footage In After Effects to provide the 'multiplicity' effects.
“OCD” on the other hand, required that I create an entire universe (in this case a universe factory), so I did most of the work within 3D Studio Max (while compositing some live action green screen shots into the scenes).
For the Beach Boys song “Good Vibrations,” I shot the actors in front of a green screen, keyed them out and composited them together in a colorful world within After Effects.
Sometimes you have to get creative to get the shot you want. In the “Happy and You Know It” video, I wanted the camera to spin around the talent. My crew and I found a shopping cart, put a camera and tripod in it (along with the camera operator) and voila—instant dolly!


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