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Excedrin 60 second spot: "Dave vs the Annoying Son of HAL"
(bought by Novartis, owner of Excedrin)


Pringles 60 second spot: "The Saltiest Sailor"
(bought by Proctor and Gamble)


Munchkin Sippy Cup Spot
(in which I won 1st place in an online video contest)


Trail Blazers Spring 2013 TV Spot
I made this 30 second comercial as part of a TV campaign airing in central KY

When you are contracted to shoot a commercial, you have to tailor the spot to match the tone and intention of the client's idea. This means you have to pick the right tools from your toolbox to properly see the idea to a satisfactory end result.

For the Pringle's spot, I shot on location using a Canon t3i on a custom-built steady-cam mount as well as a jib. The jib provided cinematic shots while the steady-cam allowed more mobility so that I could frame the excellent cast of actors exactly as I wanted.

With the Munchkin Sippy Cup commercial, the tone was meant to be clean, light and playful. So I shot a swishing Munchkin sippy cup in front of a blank background and composited the footage in After Effects using a specific color palette provided by the client.


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