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This is a collection of b-roll animations I made for illustrative purposes.

This is a promo video I made for an online pricing tool that TruckExtras.com uses.
I wrote the script, did the voice over, composited all the animation, and spliced it all together.

Here you'll find a few intros and outros I've made for different products.

Here a few lower thirds I designed (from scratch) in After Effects.

I made this promo video in an effort to increase consumer calls to truckaddons.com.
I wrote the script, recorded the voice over, composited the animation, and edited it all together.

Do you know what I love more than graphics? Graphics that move.

Seriously. You get the all-encompassing aspects of video (framing, color, sound, tempo, etc), but you also get to create your subject from scratch. This means the sky's the limit!

With 3D Studio Max, After Effects and a video editor (I've used Final Cut, Vegas and Premiere—Premiere being my current fave) I can bring to life anything my client needs. Intros and outros. B-roll animations. Flying logos. Mechanical spiders. You know, whatever is needed.



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