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Travis permanently exists between two worlds; currently, however, he resides in Lexington, KY. So did the Travis from 10 years ago. And so will (it can be safely assumed) the Travis a year and three days from now (barring any apocalypse). So now that we've established the setting, let's establish the motive.

It started with cartoons and trilogies, I’m pretty sure. During his first decade on this particular life loop, Travis became entranced by the magical tricks of Hollywood’s special effects wizards. Surely, only a big budget Hollywood studio can do such things! Little did that Travis know technology would swoop down a few years later and bring the magical tools of the trade to the masses. One only had to be diligent and creative enough to use them properly. So an older Travis absorbed the tools, making cartoons and music videos with the intent to provoke, enlighten, entertain and disturb, doing it all with the aesthetic precision of a Hollywood magician.

The Travis of today works as an independent multimedia contractor and just recently as the multimedia artist and videographer for WebProNews (a web-based news organization). While at WebProNews, Travis wore many hats as the "multimedia guy." First and foremost was to capture the conversation. Whether it's on location at conferences or in studio via Skype, his job was to make it happen right the first time. Lighting, sound, framing the shot, connections, teleprompter, scheduling and planning for post-production must be simultaneously considered while also jumping over the inevitable tech hurdles.

With a properly captured conversation, Travis would then run it through his custom designed post-production processes. It is worth noting that during his time at WebProNews, Travis implemented a number of optimized conventions to save his employer time and money. And because he's worked in a multitude of systems (be it OS, editing suites or live broadcast software), he has had to be quick to adapt and adopt new optimized approaches so that he may successfully (and promptly) capture, produce and distribute a polished end product.

As the voice and brains behind OliveGraphics,
Travis wears many hats
(including one in which he refers
to himself in third person).

Some hats have him behind cameras, while others have him pushing pigment and pixels with brush and mouse.

Peruse the pages of this site to see his range for yourself.



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